The Causes And Effects Of Child Labor By Thomas Sadler

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The early nineteenth century witnessed the great Industrial Revolution, however, the rapid growth of productivity and economy led by the Industrial Revolution was so beyond expectations that the regulations and ideology did not manage to follow up with the changes. This was the ultimate source of various social problems arose. The chosen reading consisted of two sources and both of them were written under this historical background. ‘Child Labor’ laid emphasis on the mysterious life of child labor and called for a new regulation on the working hour of child labor. ‘Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ claimed that the victory of Proletarian would be inevitable by comparing the essence of Bourgeoisie and Proletariat. As for ‘Child Labor’, it was written by John L. Beatty and Oliver A. Johnson in 1995. It was a secondary source overall but it also included a primary source which was an excerpt of ‘the Sadler Report’. ‘The Sadler Report’ was written in 1832 by Michael Thomas Sadler. It was an interview record and served to demonstrate the harm of the long working hours both to children’s mentally and physically health. The intended audience of the report was the British Parliament because the ultimate goal of Sadler conducting these interviews was to pass a bill regarding limited working hours of child labor. Judging from the excerpt, we could tell that children were forced to work for fourteen or even sixteen hours a day. They were so fatigued that the overlookers would beat

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