The Causes And Effects Of Corruption In Nigeria

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As a malingering cancer, corruption is not limited to any regime but have difference in degree. Corruption has been part and parcel of Nigerian history. During the military regime with incessant coups and counter coups that followed it, every new government accuses its predecessor of encouraging corruption only to fall victim to the same web of corruption. Economic Development does not thrive in societies or nations bedeviled with corruption as it saps all the ingredients that helps in reducing poverty, unemployment, inequality and child and maternal mortality. To achieve economic development in America, the Pendleton Act was enacted in 1883. The Pendleton Act fought corruption in America public service and reduced unemployment drastically. The military regime in Nigeria encouraged enthroned corruption in all sectors of Nigeria; it discouraged hard work and encouraged indolence. Swindlers were celebrated and decorated national honors. The military regimes in Nigeria embezzled and misappropriated the resources meant to instigate development plans and strategy. These resources are kept in foreign countries for the development of these nations. For instance, Switzerland earns most of its national income from financial transactions from looted funds from foreign countries. This scenario made economics development practically impossible. The democratic regime with its promise of limiting and fighting corruption was like a good tiding to Nigerians but the honeymoon period from

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