The Causes And Effects Of Deforestation

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Do you know that agricultural lands cover 31% of the earth? And because of deforestation processes these lands are disappearing. Deforestation is defined as removing the forests which includes trees, and plants to make the land accessible for different uses. Forests are important as it is a home of many creatures and it also surrounds the earth with large quantities of oxygen and the disposal of carbon. Some species are suffering from deforestation actions because they depend on these trees and plants as a shelter and as a food source. Deforestation is a procedure that is one of human activities. Less forests mean that the earth is threatened and may not survive in the future. There are many ways of removing the trees such as clear cutting and burning them. The most popular area that is being affected from these actions is the tropical area such as rainforests, and if these processes continued, the rainforests will disappear. Although deforestation has benefits for humans such as taking the wood to make paper, build a house, or even for fuel which is very valuable nowadays, however, deforestation has a lot of negative environmental, social and economic impacts. A good and healthy environment is something important to everyone and everything, and without good environment, the biome will not thrive. Deforestation is the main reason of destroying the environment, such as soil erosion, animals’ extinction, and health problems for humans. The soil is something important and

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