The Causes And Effects Of Imperialism In Africa

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The imperialism began from Africa. Imperialism is expanding nation’s power or influence by direct control of a territory or by controolling econoy and politics. Between 1500 and 1800, Europeans were only seen in Africa to buy and sell slaves from local chiefs. The slave ships anchored off the African coastline and their crews seldom left the ship because of the risk of contagious malaria or other harmful diseases. Europeans were helpless to these diseases. By 1833, the British banned the slavery. The end of slavery brought the Euroeans interests in imperialism and conquering colonies. European countries were interested in Africa for many reasons. Africa was filled with such incredible natural resources such as; copper, ivory, and rubber, the europeans countries competed among themselves to control the colonies. The natives lost control of land and independence, the Africans were used as slaves, the interest in the waterways to Asia also pulled them towards Africa. European countries took away people 's homes and way of life and it isn 't fair to the native people. Great Britain and France were the two countries that owned most of the land in Africa. Great Britain owned Egypt and Sudan whereas France owned Algeria and Tunisia. Although the most of Africa became the slavesof Europe, there were still some countries that were strong and smart enough to avoid imperialism, Liberia and Ethiopia. Many countries have tried taking over but failed and these countries remained
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