Quantum Mechanics: The Effects Of Linus Pauling

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Effects of Linus Pauling As a result of Linus Pauling’s research and discovery of quantum mechanics, scientists have developed new cures and “small” sciences. Linus Pauling invented oxypolygelatin, this substance is known as a synthetic blood plasma to be used in emergency transfusions for bad injuries in combat times (Linus Pauling, 6). He also invented the oxygen detector, this device checked oxygen levels in submarines, airplanes, and several medical environments (Linus Pauling, 6). A theory theory that was produced by him was the idea of orthomolecular medicine, the way his theory worked is he thought that using large amounts of vitamins could treat anything that is going wrong with the body physically, like a cold or other physical…show more content…
Buckyballs were named after “ Scientists discovered a third form where molecules are spherical in shape and are made of carbon atoms” (Little Understood, 9). Bucky balls were discovered by accident,like all great discoveries that happened in the past. There currently isn’t information on buckyballs, but many people believe they will help the progression of “smaller science and lead to more greater discoveries. Many scientists have and are currently researching on these mysterious structures in order to find out how to create more useful things with them or similar to them. These strange structures would not have been found if Linus Pauling hadn’t discovered more information about the complex structures and the smaller particles that scientists are still researching today. The discovery of smaller particles also led to the discovery of “Nanotubes, which their molecules are bonded together in a tube like form that either can be hollow like straws or can be rolled up inside each other like posters. In nanotube form, carbon is 100 times lighter than steel and six times stronger than it (Little understood, 10). Nanotubes could possibly be used in electric circuits as a replacement for many other hard to get metals and possibly bring down the cost for computers and other appliances that require circuits and other electrical components. Scientists have found that “In nanotubes,…show more content…
Many Nano-scale scientists can make lots of things like they can “ already artificially synthesize DNA molecules. DNA Controls the formation of proteins,which may ultimately determine the health and behavior of entire organisms” (Little Understood, 20). This means that we as a world can make new species of animals and other types of humans to our advantage and make our world more interesting. We could also modify the way that certain species of animals can operate so that we could make an overly aggressive to humans species docile to not very aggressive to the point that they could be approached but keep the ability for them to still be able to get meals and protect themselves in the wild without any problems like the death of a rare species or several other problems that could happen if the behavior of the animal was not perfected to the way that we need it to be. This can be used in the benefit of modifying humans to be able to do things that they never thought were possible. Like some scientists say, “ it would be useful to look closely at the benefits promised y the NIBC ( doubled life expectancy, unfailing memory, wrinkle free aging, massively expanded intellect, etc.) and decide of they are laudable or creepy” (Little Understood, 25). Many humans

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