Essay On Poverty In Africa

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Poverty in Africa

Humans are a very sophisticated race that require a certain level of standards and require a few basic needs in order to be able to operate in their daily life. Food, water, shelter and medicine are the most important needs for humans, any shortage in these needs can lead to dangerous consequences that could put the humans in danger. This shortage of the basic needs of any human individual puts him/her in the category of poverty. Poverty is a the condition in which there is a lack of the necessary resources for survival or not being able to meet a certain level of living standards anticipated for the place where the individual lives in (Ashley Crossman, 2017). Poverty in Africa is an important problem and as any other problem
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Statistics in countries such as South Africa has been published that updates the poverty line definition by setting the minimum acceptable level in which we can indicate the poverty line. The poverty line is what defines the people that are suffering from poverty. There are 3 types of poverty line. First the food poverty line or FPL which defines the amount of food needed by the individual to survive, and then there is the lower bound poverty line or LBPL which describes the people who can’t buy food or any other merchandise. Finally there is the upper bound poverty line or UBPL which describes the people who can buy food and other things but not on regular basis, they can still be consider under poverty line (Greg Nicolson, 2015). These new standards of the poverty line increased the percentage of people suffering to 53.8 %. Meaning that definition is very important as it can be a cause of the problem. The rapid increase in the population numbers can be a huge factor that can cause the poverty problem. 2.6 % a year is the regional rate of increase in population in Africa (Laurence Chandy, 2015). Another cause of the poverty problem in Africa is the inequality. Inequality means the uneven distribution of wealth as many people are poor and a few percentage is very rich this makes a huge gap between the two

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