The Role Of Stereotyping In Our Society

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When someone hears the word stereotyping, people might think it only refers to the racial stereotype often found between white and black people. However, stereotyping is much deeper than a human color. Stereotyping is found between nation cultural, religion, age, race, and gender. People have been judgmental against other groups of people without knowing them it is all based on what the learn I school or what they hear from their family or friends or what they see on media which most of is not true we need to understand the true meaning behind stereotyping we need to stop it since stereotyping has become a real problem in our society today and much of our world's history is based upon such judgmental and hatred between people. Mass media play…show more content…
People are often afraid from things that are unfamiliar with them that is why they judge those things as quickly and badly, and that is what the media plays on but we can’t say that the media is the only reason stereotyping exists we also should take a look on what all the government around the world are doing every government has some goals and aims that it want to reach but it will never reach it goals with causing prejudice for example when the attack of 9/11 happened a lot of people pointed their fingers that Muslims are the one but later on some people found out that the US is also responsible for this attack but only few people believed it since it is widely known that Muslims are terrorists. After that all humanity is the one to blame our love to ourselves and our love to our country and our love to our religion created all these stereotypes we stopped thinking and believing that anything could be better or as good as ourselves or the things we love this is the main reason why we lost humanity when we lose our humanity not only stereotype is found in our world but a lot of unfair

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