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(Bandura,1986; Schunk, 1981; Zimmerman, 1989) Realizing the present day need in the area of education, where focus is upon mobilizing and directing the inner potentialities of students to cope with difficulties and achieve better, the present study is undertaken. 1.1 STRESS Stress lies within us. It arises as a result of our reactions to worldly events. Once we stop reacting, we will no longer get stressed. – Lord Buddha Stress is an agitated physiological state in which the electrical transmission of information along neurons is heightened to the point that the nervous system may collapse or bodily functions may perform poorly. In general, it is the term applied to the pressures people feel in life. It results from an imbalance between…show more content…
Most of the people have no difficulty saying when they are under stress and attributing all problems to stress. Stress is a concept that has been linked to various aspects and operations. For some it is stimulus, sometimes more, sometimes less complex, for others it is an inferred inner state and for still others it is an observable response to stimulus or situation. Thus, the role of the term is confusing and hence requires a clear definition. But Educationalists and Psychologists have considerable difficulty in defining stress and have tended to avoid the concept, as it is too global. Stress combines the external stimulus, the life events and the host of individual responses to the stimulus, such as anxiety or…show more content…
It serves a useful purpose in life by stimulating effort, inventiveness and high standards but when it increases beyond optimum level it adversely affects the coping mechanisms and hampers growth. Rao (1983) traced the origin of stress in Indian thought. Selye (1976) stated that stress is the non-specific response to any demand. Any condition that places special demand upon a person tends to cause stress. Stress, according to Spielberger (1982) is the external force that acts on. Stress is an internal state which can be caused by physical demands on an individual, the body or by environmental and social situations which are evaluated as potentially harmful, uncontrollable or exceeding our resources for

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