The Causes And Effects Of Stress In Education

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(Bandura,1986; Schunk, 1981; Zimmerman, 1989) Realizing the present day need in the area of education, where focus is upon mobilizing and directing the inner potentialities of students to cope with difficulties and achieve better, the present study is undertaken. 1.1 STRESS Stress lies within us. It arises as a result of our reactions to worldly events. Once we stop reacting, we will no longer get stressed. – Lord Buddha Stress is an agitated physiological state in which the electrical transmission of information along neurons is heightened to the point that the nervous system may collapse or bodily functions may perform poorly. In general, it is the term applied to the pressures people feel in life. It results from an imbalance between environmental demands and personal adequacies to meet these demands. For some individuals ‘stress’ refers only to a crises or calamity while others perceive the day-to-day life problems and mild irritations as ‘stress’. The situations causing stress and the experience of stress itself are highly subjective. Stress is a contributing factor in causing numerous emotional and behavioural difficulties including depression, anxiety, temper, tantrums, suicide attempts, child abuse, physical assault, destructive expression of anger, feelings of bitterness and resentment, irritability, impatience and stuttering. Stress is an interesting word. Most of the people have no difficulty saying when they are under stress and attributing all problems

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