The Causes And Effects Of Teenage Depression Among Teens

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Depression is a state in which a person is low in mood. The person suffering in depression is low in self-esteem and often feel empty, hopeless and helpless. Depression will affect a person’s thoughts and behavior negatively. Depression occurs in all individuals regardless of age, sex and backgrounds. Among the victims of depression, teenagers are one of the groups which suffer the most. So, what causes teenagers to feel depressed so often? The main reason is because teenagers are in the adolescence stage. In this stage, teenagers face many physical, emotional, psychological and social changes. These changes make them start to care more about themselves in this world. However, they do not have much experience in facing the reality. Therefore, when something goes wrong, teenagers tend to overreact and often fall into depression. Normally, depression among teenagers will only occur for a few days and their mood will get back to normal. However, if depression prolonged, it will become a big problem. The sufferer will experience serious emotional disorder, fatigue, pain, loss of appetite or overeating and finally leads to the thoughts of committing suicide. Therefore, depression among teenagers should be solved before everything is too late. To avoid serious depression among teenagers, everyone which is close to the teenagers especially adults have the responsibility in being aware of the emotional changes among the teenagers. Adults should know the signs and symptoms of
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