The Causes And Effects Of The Great Depression

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What if you were a victim of one of the worst depressions in America’s history? What if your very own family was torn apart due to the Great Depression; would you learn from others mistakes? To understand what many people went through during the Great Depression, an analysis of the causes and the effects are necessary. The Great Depression brought many challenges which shaped hard working Americans for future generations.
The Great Depression was the devastating result of many bad and stupid decisions made by American people. One of the first crucial mistakes was that American people truly believed the economy was stable even “The President had promised that economic gains would continue and that poverty would disappear” (“Great Depression, Causes of (Issue)” 1). President Hoover’s false assumptions about the future of America gave American’s false hope and to make that speech was ignorant and foolish. Hoover had no place to say that America was on the rise when it was not. “The most crucial barrier to U.S. economic health was the unstable character of the international economy following World War 1 (1914-1918)” (“Great Depression, Causes of (Issue)” 1). The very high tariffs that were created were a risky move that caused a rift in American trade with other countries. This ultimately led to the fall of the economy. If the government could have avoided these mistakes, perhaps the depression would have been less tragic.
The reckless spending of thousands of investors led to
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