The Causes And Effects Of Thermal Pollution In The Environment

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Pollution by itself affects over 100 million people everyday. That number is going to keep growing if we do not put a stop to it. Pollution of thermal, air, water require millions of years to recuperate. Industry and motor vehicle exhaust are the number one pollutants. Heavy metals, nitrates and plastic are toxins responsible for pollution. While water pollution is caused by oil spill, acid rain, urban runoff. The reason behind air pollution is because of various gases and toxins released by industries and factories and combustion of fossil fuels. Thermal pollution is rise in the temperature in the ecosystem due to the release of excessive heat energy into the environment by artificial methods or natural disasters. When someone thinks of pollution, the idea of thermal pollution usually does not come to mind. People will first think of things like carbon emissions, air pollution and waste, and a variety of other things. However, thermal pollution is a real and persistent problem in today’s society. Thermal pollution is when an industry or other human made organization takes in water from a natural source and either cools it down or heats it up. They then put that water back into our oceans or lakes, which then changes how the water species operated. This is horrible for their ecosystems. Thermal pollution is when there is a sudden increase or decrease in temperature of a natural body of water which can be a pond, lake, river, or the ocean by humans messing with it. This

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