The Causes And Effects Of Unemployment Among University Graduates

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The Causes and Effects of Unemployment Among University Graduates

Unemployment is a situation where someone who can work and not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment. In this globalisation era, rate of unemployment is in the rise day by day. Reports and surveys have shown that not only employers, but also educators, leaders and professionals have begun to realise that importance to fulfil the criteria required by the jobs before pleading for it. Do the graduates know what are the causes and effects of unemployment ? There are several causes and effects of unemployment among university graduates. First, the cause of unemployment among university graduates are too focus on academic. Nowadays, students are not expose to the criteria that needed by the employers. According to Masidi (2014), undergraduates cannot too focus on study than socialize. They must involved in co-curiculum and event that held in university which can train them to fulfil the requirement in the job world. This because graduates are lack of industrial knowledge and experience. They do not know how to relate their theoretical knowledge while doing their job. Furthermore, graduates are not socialize with other people, hence they does not have basic communication skills. They have low self-confident level to speak in public. In addition, they do not know how to generate an innovative ideas and present the ideas. For example, when they work in a group, they just sit back and do not

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