The Causes And Effects Of Xenophobia In South Africa

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Xenophobia in South Africa
Jonathan Kasongo
May 2, 2017 Jonathan Kasongo
May 2, 2017
Xenophobia In South Africa
Immigrants from other African countries are killed after entering South Africa and living among locals. Foreigners live peacefully in suburban areas while those living in [townships] slums are under attack. Does poverty and unemployment trigger this hatred for foreigners? I will be assessing the problems and conundrums that follow Xenophobia. “Reducing poverty is seen as the world 's greatest challenge and in South Africa it is counted as one of the country’s triple threats, the other two being unemployment and inequality.” Says Greg Nicolson, a publisher for the Daily Maverick covering poverty in South Africa.”
BODY 1 – Conflict and law enforcement
The ongoing conflict in this topic is more of an effect than a cause. Foreigners are brutally assaulted and even murdered by locals. Locals say foreigners commit crime as an excuse for being Xenophobic violence. Locals also say that foreigners are “stealing their jobs and aid”. Free houses are given to the poor people of South Africa but are also given to foreigners. Violent attacks include the burning of these free houses when they are owned by foreigners. “The Kwerekwere are stealing our jobs” said one local when discussing his hatred for foreigners. There are a few requirements that must be meet to stop these violent out breaks. One of which is enforcement. Enforcing the law in poverty stricken

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