The Causes And Factors: The Nature Of Climate Change

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The nature of climate change is a large concern for everybody, but environmentalists and scientists all over have been drafting plans to help our climate to stabilize. However, while environmentalists are helping, economists are more concerned about making more and they will not stop until there is no more land resources. The nature of climate change is very mysterious, due to the fact that there are many reasons that out climate suffers, but they can all be traced to the biggest problem...the human race.

After the dinosaurs were killed, Earth was in a "coma". Only plants and animals came along on Earth for a while, then man came along. But as man grew our climate suffered. For thousands of years there has been war and death and explosions,
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Bombs were used in every war, they were used to kill, maim and wound the enemy. They used empty canisters and filled them with Mustard Gas, at first. This was to kill, maim, and wound the enemy; but it all eventually led to a painfully slow death. Then scientists got smarter, stupider actually, and decided to make bombs bigger, louder with more pain, death and explosions. They invented Hydrogen Bombs, where when exploded could kill hundreds of thousands of people and wound thousands more. But they did not think that when these bombs landed, some could cause irreversible damage to the land, the resources, the ecosystem and our climate. With the Hydrogen Bomb, came Nuclear and Chemical Bombs. Releasing toxic waste and harmful chemicals in the air further damages our atmosphere, which in turn damages our climate. The building of bombs were for and enemies, but everything that is released in the air circles the globe until it affects every single…show more content…
But nothing comes close or even prepared us for possibly the worst thing...over population. To some, over population is tiny in comparison to other problems. To economists it means more customers, more money. To environmentalists it means less land, less resources and less food. Even though it doesn't seem big, over population is a scary problem and a huge one at that. A couple of years ago, China and Mexico had too many people in their populations - so much so that their economies were suffering and their currency was rising. So both countries implemented a plan. China said that a family could only have one child, compared to seven or nine children per family, that was a large difference, but it took many years to see results. Now, China's population is in trouble because everyone wanted boys, no girls; if any family had a girl they would give her away or kill her when she was born, all because fathers wanted heirs. Very rarely were the girls kept, and now there are a hundred twenty-one boys to a hundred girls. Mexico chose a different route, they gave women the option of education, which meant they would have kids later on in life, less children and their illiteracy rate went down. Over population is a large threat. It can bring famine and disease to hundreds of villages and most of those villages do not have access to health care or medical
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