The Causes And Impacts Of Natural Disasters In Nepal

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Introduction: As humans evolve and the world around us develops, technologies become more advanced in order to cope with our surroundings. But no matter how much we advance as humans, nature will always remain stronger. The evidence is seen throughout the centuries as natural disasters destroyed and even wiped out entire nations within days, minuets and even seconds. In recent news, the nation of Nepal was struck by an earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 killing almost 8000 and injuring thousand others . Some of the most well-known natural disasters include: floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and many more. Floods can either occur over a period of time, if heavy rains continue, or they can occur suddenly as what is called “flash floods”. Hurricanes on the other hand are powerful winds which often accompany heavy rains, and have the potential to pull out trees from their roots. Volcanic eruptions include the gust of lava through a mountain, along with ashes and dust. Nature is full of wonders and surprises, yet is extremely dangerous. It has bought together different nations of the world, and organizations, in order to repair the damage it has caused. One of the most unexpected natural disasters is seen to be the tsunami. A tsunami is a large series of waves formed due to underwater volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. What makes tsunamis so dangerous is that they travel for miles but are not seen until they are a few meters away from shore. One of the greatest

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