The Causes And Impacts Of The Indus Valley Civilization

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Thousands of years ago, the Indus valley was created and prospered. The geography of the Indus River Valley Civilization affects their success because of the rivers, the boundaries, and the resources the land offered. The geography of the river valley was affected by the rivers- the Indus river, and the Ganges River. These rivers can provide transportation methods, so the civilization can use the rivers as a faster way to transport different materials for later use. This allowed planned building. Also, the rivers allowed the Indus people to create different input and output water systems, for plumbing, storage, and bathing uses because bathing also was a part of their sanitary society. This new technology was way too advanced, for their age, even though they were being very peaceful, and had no wars in their rise. The Indus civilization 's land had a natural boundary as well, which was the Himalayan mountains and the Hindu Kush. This had prevented an attack from the north and northeastern side. The area in which the people of this civilization settled in, allowed them easier farming. This beautiful land was also rich in animals, and the Indus people tamed those animals and domesticated them for their own needs. Some of these animals included elephants, so they can lift heavy loads, for great buildings. These people of the Indus civilization or Harappan civilization had used these advantages of their land to prosper and create something more, like the whole city of
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