Negative Effects Of Eating Disorders

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Negative Effects of Eating Disorders Eating Disorders have destroyed many lives across the globe. One out of five women have a eating disorder is a social crisis. An eating disorder can have many physical tolls as well. Lastly, it is important not to neglect the mental issues of eating disorders. There are many negative effects due to eating disorders that can be harmful to a person socially, physically, and mentally. Approximately 150,000 women die each year from anorexia.( Frissell 21). These women thought they were fat so they started starving themselves so badly that they were not getting any of the nutrients their bodies need. Starving yourself can slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain more weight once eating again.They…show more content…
There are many effects of eating disorders. Vomiting is the most dangerous behavior of a bulimie because it causes an electrolyte imbalance.(Hurley 29) It is also very bad for tooth enamel. Due to repeated vomiting, the stomach acids will slowly rot their teeth. They will often eat too much and their body cant handle it and throw up. Other physical effects include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Also, repeatedly eating large amounts of sugary food can more likely cause diabetes, high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease which is all detrimental to your health. These conditions can cause muscle weakness and muscle spasms and they can cause a fatal heart attack. Learning to develop a healthy attitude is essential to weight control, self-esteem and will help to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It is all right to aim for an ideal, but be sure it is a realistic…show more content…
An eating disorder such as anorexia,bulimia,and binge eating are not a choice.They are serious mental illness,which can have a devastating impact. Many people don 't feel they have a eating disorder. The changes in a diet sends messages to a centre in the brain which increases the physiological pressure to eat and overeat.Your eating so much that your trying to stop but your brain is saying keep eating. Often,girls who feel more self-conscious and mature early,are at risk for eating more and having a eating disorder. If you are lonely and get made fun of,you just want to eat all the time. If you believe you you have a eating disorder what will help is if you to start working out three times a week for a hour-half so it adequate the maintain of your health. If you work out and eat healthy it is unlikely you will have an eating problem.If you don 't eat healthy and don 't workout. But still have, issues about your weight, try to go to someone about possibly having and talk to them about possibly having an eating disorder. Then they will try to help you with your problem. The evidence clearly suggests eating disorders affect many people worldwide whether its socially,physically,mentally the effects are vast and far-reaching. Eating disorders are very serious and not just a phase people with eating disorders should go to a doctor regularly. The more knowledgeable everyone is about eating disorders,it can
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