Juvenile Delinquency In America

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Juvenile and delinquency seems to be a growing trend in America, what are some of the issues that communities and society in whole face when dealing with juvenile delinquency and discuss what is referred to as the development of a juvenile status?

Juvenile delinquency refers to a wide variety of violations ranging from minor offenses, communities and society have to deal with underage drinking accidents, vehicle theft, smoking, reckless driving, assault, vandalism, and prank calls. Some of the causes and conditions of delinquency are obvious: poverty, drugs, gangs, abuse and neglect. We are confronted by a society that is becoming more complex, more mobile and more dysfunctional. Such as, teen pregnancy, suicide, smoking and running away. There are many reasons kids go down the wrong path. The development of a juvenile status and the changing role of the family, especially the role of the father, throughout the past few centuries have had a dramatic effect on juveniles.

According to the text, provide the definition of a gang and provide some examples and general descriptions of
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There are a number of stereotypes of street gangs, “gangs are a black and Hispanic problem,” “only males are gang members,” “all gangs come from poor broken families,” “once in a gang, you are in for life,” and the list goes on. There are many stereotypes that are true. For example, street gang members are generally perceived to be male minority members. Data collected by the national OJJDP reveal that law enforcement agencies report that the greatest percentage of street gang members are Hispanic and African American than other race/ethnicities. Pg 11

Outlaw Motorcycle gangs and prison gangs have been in existence for the last thirty (30) to fifty (50) years, provide the evolvement of these two types of gangs, how they recruit, how they sustain their status, how they uphold their charters, how they make money,
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