The Causes And Roles Of Social Media

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Social media is platform used by people to develop their relationships and to enhance their circle in social network with those individuals who portrays similar interests, thoughts and also experiences in the cyber world. Did you know that Facebook is one the most used social networking site in the world? It was created in 2004 and now it shows that there are 1.4 billion users actively using Facebook now (Facebook, 2014).
Those days’ people would write to each other to communicate and those letters were delivered by hand from one person to another. The very first social media that was created is called Six Degree, it allowed individuals to upload profiles and make new friends. After that, blogs were introduced which is still used by people today to post things related to their specific interest. Then in the year 2006 Facebook was open to public.
Today there are fabulous varieties of social networking sites (SNS); social media is used not only to make friends but also to promote ones business. Social media has made it easy for companies to publicize their product because it’s easy and safe cost. For instances, companies can create a page that publicize their company product, other users can follow their page and receive more updates on the products.
Adding on, social media is not only about socializing and promoting products but also plays a huge role in the entertainment industry. Things can go viral in a spilt of second and talents can be famous very fast too. For example
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