Social Media Good Or Bad

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Social Media This paper is about how social media is good and bad for humans. Now days everyone uses social media and this paper would be about how that affects our lives. The definition of social media according to is websites and applications that allow users to create and share content or to be part of social networking. Social media allows us to share information with other people. It also allows us to post pictures, videos and talk to other people who are far away. Social media can be used for good and bad. Is it more bad than good? Here are some examples of social medias and applications from
Facebook- allows user to post photos or videos, keep in touch with friends and
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In case of an emergency the news will be delivered faster to the person using the media. You can read all the information and be aware of where is safe and where it isn’t. Like for example, people use their phones will driving causing a car accident. Authorities will use the medias to deliver information, photos, videos and stories of horrible cases. These stories change the driver’s attitude and practice. Sometimes it takes losing a friend or a loved one to realize the importance of paying attention to what you’re doing (, 2016 ). says, "I witnessed in 2016 a man lay in the wreckage of his vehicle which collided with another motor vehicle, bleeding profusely and none of the bystanders was interested in seeking help for the wounded because they were too busy with their phone cameras taking pictures and videos for social…show more content…
It all depends on how you use them. A tip to prevent the problems presented could be to make a plan or a rule. Like for example you can decide and tell yourself that you will not check Twitter more than four time a day. You can set the number of time you will check your social medias every day. Another tip can be that instead of watching funny videos or pictures look for helpful and interesting communities. Look for important information that can help you on with your education or career. A really helpful tip is that when you get home from work or school don’t go directly to your phone. Sit down relax let your brain take a break. Spend a few hours without the social medias or your phone (,

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