The Causes And Uses Of Social Media

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Social Media This paper is about how social media is good and bad for humans. Now days everyone uses social media and this paper would be about how that affects our lives. The definition of social media according to is websites and applications that allow users to create and share content or to be part of social networking. Social media allows us to share information with other people. It also allows us to post pictures, videos and talk to other people who are far away. Social media can be used for good and bad. Is it more bad than good? Here are some examples of social medias and applications from
Facebook- allows user to post photos or videos, keep in touch with friends and family.
Twitter- allows member to make short posts called tweets and to also follow other users with tweets.
 Wikipedia- it 's an online encyclopedia where registered people can make articles for publications.
 LinkedIn- allows registered members to document networks of people they know and trust personally.
This websites are the most used by people on the United States. Have a friend or family member that doesn’t live close to you? No problem there’s an app for that. You can use social media to communicate with other people (, 2014). But sometimes this can become an addiction. When you talk with friends on your phone you get this feeling of pleasure that you don’t get when you are talking face to
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