The Importance Of Air Pollution In Sweden

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Human beings are the main cause of differnt pollution in our earth. Those pollution can be air pollution, water pollution and sound pollution. Our athmosphere is polluted deliverately or undeliberately. Some of exammple of deliberate action are like those industries and highly authorized countries who damage the environment while having good knowledge about its cause. And the undeliberate action is like small scale farmer who use artifical fertilizer wiht out having any idea about its side effect on the soil and water bodies. Whether deliberately or not , the impact on human being is very large.

One of the dangerous pllution that occure in our world is air pollution. Air is polluted due to different reasons and become a dangerous for people
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Because here in Sweden, almost all people have good knowledge about pollution and contribute each to protect the environment. The community i leave have good knowlege on how to separte waste products and put on their right place. Thus they protect the environment. On the other hand, the community in my country , through all waste products toghter which can be decomposable or not. But these is not people fault, i couldn say that it is the administratin fault. Because people dont have the place to collect the rubbish diffrently. And there is no motivation done by the environmentalist to people on how to save the environment. Generally i could say that people in my commuity do not have any idea about what is going on about global warming and its cause. Instead they related it to the religion belife. For example when there is shortag of rainfall in one season, the people belive that their sin become big and God want to punish them. They dont have any idea what is happening in the other part of the world.

If i have time and money, i will invest more in letting people know about the main air pollution and teach them how to avoid it. The second one is i will motivate people and make every person feel responsible for their environment and act responisbily. Above all, i would stop those company who have good knowledge about what they are doing, but come to countries of less devleoped countries and casuse

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