The Causes Of American Imperialism

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American imperialism can be described as both good and bad. It can be described as bad because the native people are usually abused in lots of ways. However, imperialism was good in the way that it helped spread the idea of democracy and a more advanced civilization. A large part of this American expansion was because of the economy and all the wealth it could potentially bring. But, there were other ways that America justified its overseas expansion; responsibility and God 's Will. In the late 1800 's, American business was a growing industry and it kept looking for more ways to enlarge its power and wealth. So, the American government, influenced by these businessmen, decided to turn to imperialism and expansion. When conflicts between Spain and Cuba began to emerge, America feared that the trade would be interrupted. So, America decided to fight the Spanish to protect its imports, but also to receive the opportunity to expand. Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders ousted the Spanish, and Spain was forced to concede Puerto Rico, which America claimed as its own, Guam, and the Philippine Islands. In doing so, the Americans were fulfilling the Monroe Doctrine, although imperialism was thought to be a more favorable foreign policy. Puerto Rico was then shaped into this massive sugar plantation at America 's disposal. In conclusion, America 's expansion outcomes were normally because of the economy. However, expanding the United States because of its economy did
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