The Causes Of Binge Drinking And Driving In South Africa

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1) In South Africa, each year, 18 000 people are killed by drunk drivers or drinking and driving and 150 000 are severely injured. Every day, 45 people die and 410 are injured, with 25 people becoming paralyzed from drunk drivers and Drinking and driving. Out of 100 000 people, 43 are killed on the road in South Africa. Road crashes are the main cause for death in the youth, age 5 – 29 and alcohol abuse while driving results in 65% of deaths and injuries in South Africa each year. 2) There are many reasons why drinking alcohol and driving is bad but the most important reasons are that it affects your peripheral vision and decision making ability’s. • Alcohol can affect the speed at which your iris constricts and dilates therefore meaning…show more content…
It is mainly done in groups as it is usually people trying to impress their friends by getting drunk and being the ‘entertainment for the night. Binge drinking starts due to many factors including peer pressure, depression, academic failures or culture. Binge drinking is considered a major public health issue as it can cause long term effects of alcohol misuse. Binge drinking is more common in adolescent-young adult males than in females. Binge drinking can result in many bad side effects and can also lead to road accidents, suicide and violent behaviour. Binge drinking can cause effects to blood pressure, white blood cell activity, heart beat rhythm, oestrogen levels and pregnant women’s…show more content…
This leads on to the social effects of alcoholism. Social effects include: poor work productivity, work accidents, unemployment and absences from work. These consequences revolve around work as it is a major role in the life of an alcoholic as it is how they earn money to buy alcohol and without a job become depressed as they are not getting the pleasure they got when consuming alcohol which in the end leads to suicide or depression. Alcoholism also affects many people’s social lives as they are not able to go out with friends often as they are hungover, sick or are unable to move due to alcohol intoxication. This destroys people’s friendships and partnerships causing the alcoholic to become lonely and depressed which can lead to

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