The Causes Of Bullying

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Most people know that bullying hurts. So what kind of child would do this to others? Shouldn’t parents, teachers, and school administrators get to the root of why some kids feel the need to bully others? While there is absolutely no excuse for someone to harass, torment, and humiliate another human being, most bullies have underlying issues that lead them to this behavior. To increase their popularity or power, bullies turn their wrath on victims who are perceived as weaker than them. Although bullies may seem confident and sure of themselves, they are usually insecure and may feel inferior to others. They treat their peers like dirt as a way to make themselves feel better. Targets are specifically chosen to fulfill their reputation and for a bully to continue this kind of behavior. When the underlying causes of bullying are not addressed, it becomes a vicious cycle. Some of the common causes of bullying are totally more serious than just thinking that they want more popularity attention. Here are some of it: a) Bullies come from dysfunctional families. A dysfunctional family is not a guarantee that a child will become a bully. However, a large number of bullies come from homes where there is little affection and openness. Sometimes, it is also an effect of influence from their parents and relatives. They may have witnessed an aggressive confrontation with a particular person and the child must think that it is right to imitate it. b) Bullies need to be in control. Kids who

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