The Causes Of City Life

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The term “city life” refers to living in a settlement of significant size and importance in terms of permanent human population, commerce and culture. Studies have shown that living in the city is straining for both the body and the brain. Most city dwellers have high rates of psychosis, anxiety disorders and depression. Why is this so? City dwellers being resident of a city typically face more noise, fast paced life and growing demands in their workplace and are expected to do many things within short time frame. Land in the city is scare and expensive so city dwellers need to share the limited space with many people. When more people are packed into a given area, conflicts developed and chances of arguments and fights occurring become high. Although city life offers more employment opportunities, unemployment rate is also high and some people have resort to stealing to survive. Crime rate in the city is increasing. City dwellers also face higher car accidents as traffic in large cities which is incomparably greater than in the countryside. They faced various types and level of stress daily and often feel frustrated, tensed and irritated. Life in the city is becoming so stressful that more people are gradually losing their social graces. In an article published by Mayo Clinic Staff (2016), it has been cited that stress can affect our body, mind and behaviour. The term “social graces” refers to polite; welcoming skills used in social circumstances and is important in our
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