The Causes Of Congressional Gridlocking

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Many will name different and more political reasons as to what the causes of “congressional gridlocking” is. My answer isn’t as political. I believe that one of the reasons for inaction is that congress is too stubborn. I believe that the government should learn to evolve and create new rules or balances to help pass laws to fix demanding issues. A more political solution or way to put it, I guess, is to use an example I found during my research. The long-term nature of legislature could take some blame. Now the solution that I found from research is very time consuming, but may work. Professor Wioletta Dziuda suggests that the obvious solution to the fear of long-term change is to create sunset provisions, or endpoints, for new legislation.…show more content…
Now there are many pressing matters in America: Mass shootings, drug trafficking, healthcare, and more. Sometimes gridlocking is inevitable and at times not so much. Federal Government Shutdowns are examples of political gridlocking. This had occurred during the presidencies of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and recently Donald Trump. For instance, throughout President Obama’s presidency there was a divided due to differences of parties in each house. Inevitably, there was a Federal Government Shutdown. In 2013, a republican-led House of Representatives fought to end funding for Obamacare while the democratic-led Senate and the White House wanted to keep funding. The shutdown lasted two weeks. Healthcare is still a major issue today and seems to be prone to gridlocking. Now remember, most examples you will find a president involved but not always. In 2017, Republicans take on changing the health-care industry was for each senator to find the best solution for his or her state. The most perilous rift sits between Republicans from states that accepted the federal funding to enlarge Medicaid coverage to millions more Americans, and those from states that turned down that expansion. Earlier I mentioned how many do not look at congress as a business, but indulge in emotions to fix an issue. Many of the Republicans from non-Medicaid-expansion states are more…show more content…
In 2017, due to a shooting in Las Vegas democrats called for stricter gun laws but was faced with an enduring political impasse over a profoundly divisive issue. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy and other Democrats complained both about an absence of action by Congress and a huge impact on policy by the gun industry and National Rifle Association. "This must stop. It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren't public policy responses to this epidemic," said Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., in a statement. Influential Republicans, including Trump, have been disapproving of harsher gun laws because of the belief that they restrict and strip us of Second Amendment rights. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell answered that it was too early to bring the issue before Congress. "I think it's premature to be discussing legislative solutions — if there are any," McConnell told reporters separately. "I think it's particularly inappropriate to politicize an event like this, which just happened in the last day and a
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