Causes Of Cruelty To Animals In Thailand

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Cruelty to Animals in Thailand Animals are flesh, blood, and feeling such as love, stress, loneliness and pain in the same way as humans do. Animals need to love and care from humans, but humans think animals are just a little life that humans can do anything with animals. Thaispca website (1994) presented that “In 1997, Thailand is perceived topping a list of countries with frequent violation and cruelty to animals that includes pets, wildlife, stray animals, animals for commercial and animals for laboratory testing. “ Cruelty to animals is more prevented than before. All of these are the reasons of cruelty animals in Thailand, which are hunting for commercialize in daily products of humans, cruelty to animals for fun and ineffective animals protection laws.
The first cause of cruelty to animals in Thailand, the humans are hunting animals for commercialize in daily products of humans. Currently, the most products made from animals such as food, clothes, decoration and medicine. Also entrepreneurships needs to invest more than before. The process of produce product must cruelty to animals as a result of animals received to pain and agonizes. According to HIS website (2015),” Over 115
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People have more perceive about news of cruelty animals, but do not have any government or institution show responsibility and serious about this problem these situation will continue to happen in the future. This problem has effect to Thailand in many ways such as economic, tourists and politics .According to Thairate(2015) “Although Thailand have an animal’s protection laws but not make better in this problem” The police and courts should seriously punish to malefactor for effective protection animal laws. Thailand should establish association for protecting and supporting animal’s welfare. If the government make effective protection animals law, this problem will

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