The Causes Of Culture Shock

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Nowadays, many people travel or relocate to foreign countries to work, study, have a vacation, do business, or seek refuge. When coming to contact with unfamiliar language, culture, values, norms, customs, behaviours, climate and environment, the transition has an impact on the individual. Culture shock impacts a person through linguistic, sociocultural, psychological and physical challenges. Depending on many external and internal variables, the level of impact differs in individuals, but usually at least some level of anxiety and frustration appear.
In this essay, the causes and symptoms of culture shock are analyzed through previous findings of different scholars, and author’s personal experiences. The essay focuses on culture shock in the context of studying abroad, taking into consideration the voluntary, temporary, and short-term nature of the transition. To analyze the causes offered by different scholars, and find an answer to the main research question: “What are the main symptoms of culture shock?”, a small research is made by analyzing the texts of the author’s personal blog, which was written during a semester abroad and living in another cultural environment.
First, the causes of culture shock were summarized from previous researches as Jackson listed them in “Introducing Language and Intercultural Communication” (2014). Secondly, the author’s existing blog text was worked through and paragraphs with symptoms, reactions, and emotions related with each cause were
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