The Causes Of Cyberbullying

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There are several reasons which lead to cyberbullying One of the causes is people who have been bullied in the past want to do the same with others. When these victims have experienced being bullied, they may seek revenge, in other words, they want someone who is weaker than them to suffer their trauma. In addition, this action is a justification for the time when cyberbullying-victims have been tormented and harassed. By cyberbullying others, they may feel better for themselves but that is just a temporary sense of relief. Another reason for cyber-harassment is people want to prove themselves and validate their popularity. Most people who cyberbully believe it is not a big deal and do not see the pain that they cause. Instead of empathizing with the victims being bullied, hurting others makes such people feel dominant. Moreover, the bullies, sometimes, believe that the more individuals they torment the more powerful they become. They can use any methods which may cause terrible damage for the sufferers’ mind, just to diminish the social status of whom they are bullying. In general, the goal to be achieved is raising and spreading their own power and dishonoring the others. Lastly, the motivation of online bullying is to ease the boredom. It may not surprising that the minority of perpetrators see this cruelty as the source of entertainment and others are too cowed to protest. These people may lack attention and supervision from relatives, so they start leaning on the
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