The Causes Of Divorce

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Legal separation, commonly known as divorce, has long contributed to the American culture. In America, one divorce happens every thirteen seconds (W, 2017). Divorce happens for numerous reasons: infidelity, money problems, abuse, or addiction. While the causes of divorce seem fairly basic and measurable, the effects of a marriage splitting create a long list of side effects which lead to large and life-changing situations for everyone involved.
One of the main causes of divorce between two married people, same-sex or heterosexual, commonly falls on one spouse. Adultery, infidelity, or an affair more often than not leads to the separation of a married couple no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation. An affair leads to distrust and a difficult time reestablishing honesty in a marriage (Vulliamy, 2016). On an interesting note, adultery, the most common cause of divorce, also is the only sexual offense listed in the Ten Commandments. Adultery ranks top in the most common causes of divorce in accordance with National Center for Health Statistics (Marriage and divorce rates 2007). Michael Good, a respected rabbi of the Jewish faith from Washington D.C., interviewed a group of teenagers asking them if a rabbi should perform a wedding for a couple who wish to have an open marriage (Gold, 1998). Unsurprisingly, all the teenagers said that no rabbi should perform the ceremony. Marriage means dedicating oneself to another person for the rest of eternity; however, according to

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