Case Study Of Fast Food Vegetables

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In the USA, fast food has become a regular meal for many households as there is no preparation involved and the food generally tastes really good. Over time, fast food franchises have spread around the world attempting to promote their variety of fast food to as many customers as possible. In South Africa, for example, healthy eating has not been the first thing on many people’s minds as they make their choice on what they are planning to eat for lunch. The problem with this is that the food that they do decide to eat, doesn’t contain a wide variety of “vitamins, minerals and fibre” (Darian, JC. & Tucci, L., 2013). As they just consume fatty foods in their diet, they don’t get the required nutrition in order to grow up healthy and therefore are generally overweight. This is of major concern to many nutritionists as healthy eating is fundamental aspect of every one’s life.
The main reason why obese people put on their weight is mainly due to their eating habits. Not enough vegetables are being consumed by people as they feel that the preparation there of can be a laborious task and that the end result is not worth the effort
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Vegetables are the main food group that needs to be promoted. Although not many people are too fond of vegetables, they are still provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living. Therefore, in order to get more people eating vegetables one must make them way more appealing than they seem to be. In order to try to promote vegetables to more South Africans one needs to first asses why people are not consuming enough of them. As it was seen that the majority of obesity occurs within rural areas, one must investigate certain factors within these communities as to why a lack of general health and consumption of vegetables is

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