Climate Change: A Case Study

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Floods are natural phenomena. They can, however, turn into disasters causing widespread damage, health problems and even deaths. This is especially the case where rivers have been cut off from their natural floodplains, are confined to man-made channels, and where houses and industrial sites have been constructed in areas that are naturally liable to flooding. (ICPDR, 2013) The international community is very active in participating the climate change program. Climate Change is a big issue because it is a global issue and the cooperation of every nation is a must. Climate change has a great contribution in flooding around the world. It is because floods are due to excessive or heavy rainfall that comes from storm through the cause of the abnormal…show more content…
According to the local disaster management officials, the flood occurred Saturday night due to heavy rainfall from the mountains and affected more than 25,000 people. According to the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group a local Television Network said that 7 of the fatalities were children and majority of them lived near the Matina River. What happened is that on the two hours duration 8mm of rain fell and it was classified as heavy rain. It was also type of isolated thunderstorm embedded in the inter-tropical convergence zone. Juna Subdivision is a village situated near the Davao River and Davao Gulf that makes the place susceptible from flooding because of its existing ground elevation and its location being near the sea water level. It only implies that during high tide level the capacity of the place to discharge water during rainy season will reduced because the existing drainage line might be half full. II. Objectives of the Study In this study, the researchers would like to establish an Exposure Risk Index and map of the area, specifically it seeks to: 1. Determine the flood duration at the area. 2. Determine the population density of the area. 2. a. Population per lot. 2. b. Land area per…show more content…
Floods are the most common natural disaster and the leading cause of natural disaster fatalities worldwide. In our present days, we heard a lot of reports from different countries the Risk of catastrophic losses due to flooding is significant given deforestation and the increasing proximity of large populations to coastal areas, river basins and lakeshores. The objectives of this review were to describe the impact of flood events on human populations in terms of mortality, injury, and displacement and, to the extent possible, identify risk factors associated with these outcomes. This is one of five reviews on the human impact of natural
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