The Causes Of Global Poverty

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Being adopted in 1948, if we examined the situation of the global poverty nowadays, one can obviously notice the uselessness and ineffectiveness of such Declaration, involving such articles. Each day, according to the UNICEF, about 600 million children, which is 30% of children living in developing countries, live under $1, one person dies out of starvation every 3.6 seconds, 270 million children, which is about 14% of children in developing countries, have no access to health care services and 400 million children has no access to safe water, which leads to 4000 child deaths daily due to unsafe water and poor sanitation (“Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger”). In 2008, about 50,000 people, that involves 34,000, children lose their lives each day due to poverty-related causes that could have been saved only by providing adequate basic needs, resulting in about 18 million persons dying each year due to the injustice of global order (Pierik, 1).

Causes of Poverty:
When there is a problem that needs to be solved, one should first look at its main causes. In the case of global poverty, debates have not yet ended on what is the real cause of the persistence of poverty. I will try and examine two basic and most common arguments. First is the claim made by some scholars like John Rawls and Satz Debra that poverty still persists nowadays in developing countries due to their corrupt leaders, uneducated people and mismanagement of the economy (Pierik, 1). On the other hand,

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