Essay On Environmental Effects Of Global Warming

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Register to read the introduction…Firstly, the polar ice caps are melting. The polar ice caps are now melting at a rate of 9% per decade meaning that the arctic ice thickness has decreased by 40% since the 1960’s. An example of this would be the northern section of the Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica which collapsed in 2002 at a quick rate. Since 1995, the ice shelfs total area has shrunk by approximately 40%. If the current rate of global warming continues by 2040 the Arctic could have no ice. Secondly, sea levels have already risen by 4 to 8 inches in the last century and by 2100 could have risen by 10-23 inches. This can result in higher chance of flooding and countries like Miami could be submerged.

Thirdly, ecosystems could be drastically impacted. It is predicted that ⅔ of the world 's polar bears will be extinct by 2050. Warm climate animals are moving 20 feet per decade towards tropical areas and colder climate animals are moving 3.8 miles per decade towards the northern poles. This could impact an animals food source making it harder to survive.
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There are multiple solutions, most involving a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Energy efficiency can be boosted so that we require less energy to get the same results. Transportation can also be made green by switching to low carbon fuels, improving gas efficiency, new ways of transport etc. A major solutions would be to start using renewable energy and start phasing out the use of fossil fuels. Changes in lifestyle such as transport, using a fan instead of an aircon etc. can lower our personal carbon footprint. We can adapt to changes by preserving the natural habitats of Earth’s remaining ecosystems. Humans can also adapt to problems like rising sea levels and flooding by suspending houses on beams such as in lakeside villages in Cambodia and

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