The Causes Of Government Corruption In The Philippines

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Citizens of the Philippines, since the point of time, got used to corruption. Constantly, been the dominant issue of the country. The homeland is notorious, not because of the brilliant innovations or for famous heritage sites; it is well-known simply for the reason that felonious government officials rule the country. Corruption is happening throughout the world; still the corruption in the Philippines is on high degree. On the list of Corruption Perception Index 2014 Results, Philippines is ranked 85th, from 2012 up to 2014 the number was increased by 2% whilst some of the other countries doesn’t even maneuver from their spot. According to Abrugar (2013), corruption is like a persistent plague that keeps on causing death on the country and destruction on the lives of the Filipinos. It is an epidemic disease that disperses quickly and affects the mind of the future generation of leaders from virtuous ones into wicked doers. The future of this country will be in immense danger if this issue continues. In Camello’s article (2011), she stated that corruption is not the basic origin that bewitches Philippine society. Corruption is only a symptom of an inner turmoil, an underlying fundamental cause, JUSTICE DELAY, which is no justice at all, is the root reason of Government Corruption. She added that, by the time the DOJ find out the influential crime offenders, the crime offenders already filled their bank accounts with overflowing money and while the eyewitnesses was already

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