The Causes Of Homelessness

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No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-Being are three of the Global Goals that world leaders set in 2015 and hoped to achieve by 2030. Progress is being made in certain areas but that doesn 't mean these things are true for the millions of homeless people around the world. Homeless people do not have fixed, secure, safe homes or fixed places to sleep in, and so they typically live in the streets. The homeless can also include people spending nights in homeless shelters, abandoned buildings, etc. Lack of housing means lack of income which usually means lack of food, so these people often do not know where or how to buy their next meal. Homelessness is a very complex problem that many governments have strived to abolish. In this essay, I will explain the situation of this homeless problem, the main causes of this problem, the problems that homeless people face, the effects that the homeless have on the society have on us, what different organizations and countries around the world have done to solve this problem and finally, the best way to help these people. According to the United Nations, there are roughly 100 million people worldwide with no shelter at all. However, there are also more than 1.5 billion people living in places with inadequate conditions. They are the people who move into vehicles, homeless shelters, abandoned buildings, shanty town settlements, and flimsy shacks with no protection, safety, running water, sanitation or electricity. Sadly, many
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