The Causes Of Housing Discrimination In The United States

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might decide to allocate dwellings in a certain neighborhood exclusively to non- immigrants. Housing associations can subtly refuse to register immigrant families by saying that no large dwellings are currently vacant or by asking high registration fees. (van Kempen, Schutjens, van Weesep, 2002). Also officers who work for government and other institutions can allocate resources according to their own implicit goals, values, assumptions and ideologies. This means that stereotypes and racism might influence their decisions. As a matter of fact it is a plain example for individual racism caused by institutional racism. Even they are chosen for a public dwelling, sometimes there is quota that does not allow more than a certain percentage of immigrants to live in a given neighborhood or block of houses and when rental units are unavailable or inaccessible, households are forced to buy sub-standard dwelling. (van Hoorn and van Ginkel, 1986)..Discrimination, both direct and indirect, also exists in the private housing sector. According to a report prepared by European Commission, one of the main reasons of housing discrimination is the tendency to design homes based on the typical person, and neglect the needs of individuals who do not fit into this mould. Through their housing, urbanism and planning policies, the authorities can play a key role in ensuring that suitable housing is built for all sectors of the population. (European Commission, 2013) 1.2 Housing Segregation
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