The Causes Of Human Trafficking In Nigeria

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Causes of Humans trafficking in Nigeria Trafficking in human beings especially women and children is largely a form of slavery. In the African state, Nigeria has acquired a reputation for being one of the leading African countries with internal trafficking and cross-border. After the economic fraud and the drug trade, transit and destination of human trafficking becomes the third largest crime in Nigeria. There are some causes that bring the problem of human trafficking in Nigeria included poverty, weak legal framework and perversion of cultural traditions (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), 2006). i) Poverty: Widespread poverty Among all the factors that cause the human trafficking in Nigeria, poverty always has been targeted as the principle driving force behind the human trafficking (Sanni, 2011, p.210). Poverty is usually listed as the first on any list of human trafficking factors in developing world. According to Daily Trust (2008), in 2008, 69 millions Nigerian lived in below poverty line and 70% below poverty level. It seems like Nigeria’s social status has remained very poor compared with other developing countries. Although Nigeria has many natural resources especially in terms of oil producer and become the eleventh largest oil producer in the world and the largest in the African state, it still remained as one of the poorest countries in the world. Population there is living in the economic instability which brings the

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