The Causes Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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Illegal immigrants in U. S. In a Saturday morning, in a nearby neighborhood, the streets are full of people walking, not for exercise but out of need. These people are carrying groceries, pushing shopping carts full of laundry, taking jugs of water to fill at the water store, or doing anything that constributes to their welfare, sometimes recyclables to the local recyclable center to cash in and supplement their income. The bus stop benches welcome people all day, those that are in need to visit the local clinic, make a quick trip to Walmart, or take a day trip to the beach,night miles west. The majority of these people are Hispanic, immigrants with limited English, and their children, most of them American. Many of this immigrants do not have a car, a driver license, legal status in the country, a well paying stable job or money, hence the walking and bus riding. What they do have is children born in this country, a place to call home, multiple responsibilities associated with a household and a family, along with the daily worry of the possibility of deportation at any time. These are the pictures of many other illegal immigrants living in the country, poverty, fear, and daily struggles. Approximate 11.1 illegal immigrants were living in US in 2011 (Passel and Cohn, 2012). Over 6 million children live with at least one parent that is not legal in the country (Fry and Passel, 2009).
An American Dream or a Nightmare? Most immigrants come to this country with hopes
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