The Causes Of Illegal Street Racing

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According to Micmilan dictionary the illegal street racing or motorcyclist who ride motorcycle with danger without permission from authorities they do this negative activities at night to avoid from police. Nowadays, the increasing of our shores from foreign countries. This unhealthy symptoms is beginning to happen around 80’s and 90’s which is concentrated in Kuala Lumpur, which it become the big town in our country. These symptoms also occurs regardless of racers and age limits. In Penang, illegal street racing always occurs at Tanjung Batu Ferinngi, Padang Kota Lama, highways Tun Dr Lim Chong Bayan Baru, Penang international sports Arena end up in Bukit Gambir and at Padang Besar , its start at Bagan Ajam Butterworth(BORR) to Butterworth Kulim Express (BKE) and jalan transkrian –Nibong Tebal. Nowadays many teenagers involve in street illegal racing. This can be seen while in the road and higway at Penang, there are many teenagers ride the motorcycle in dangerous condition like lifting the front wheel, lifting the rear wheel and so on. Its believe that, teenagers are easily to involved in illegal racing because of many reason example drug addicted, curiosity, due to family matters, peer influent , media and social network, passion to motorcycle and gambling. Its become worse if do not take any action to reduce the negative problem illegal street racing. . This issues illegal racers must be overcome for causes many traffic accidents and next it cause of people. According
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