Essay On Imperialism In World War 1

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Opinion that Imperialism can exist. Many people think that imperialism is the main cause of World War 1. This opinion can exist. First of all, lets try to understand the definition of the word imperialism. It is a kind of authority of an empire or nation over foreign contrives. Although, first recording of the word date from the middle of nineteenth century, essence of this policy even exist in an ancient period. We can see that countries before world war l were not the first case of imperialism. There are many reasons why countries control over colonies. Colonies may have geopolitical or military advantages but the main one is an economy. The richest and thee most dominant imperia was Great Britain. It occupied one quarter of the word. France controlled big areas in Africa. Germany had nearly nothing. Imperialism had many bad effect that caused the WW l. the main effects and influences that became an outcome of European expansion included tensions between alliances, European nationalism, and militarism and arms race. All these effects could cause WW l. one of the main aspects of imperialism as a cause of WW l is Moroccan crisis and…show more content…
There were five mutual defense agreements: between Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austro-Hungary, France and Russia, Japan and Britain, Britain and France and Belgium. So there was a kind of chain, which has started with Austro-Hungary and Serbia. Russia entered the war process to defend Serbia. That’s why France was drawn against Austria -Hungary and Germany. This was followed by entry of Belgium and Great Britain. This can also be added to reasons of WW l. This aspect looks like an implementation plan. It can not be regarded as a cause. Mutual defense chain seems to be a kind of start of the war. That’s why it is something between war process and cause. But how Austria- Hungary could attack Serbia and why? The culprit is Gavrilo Princip who was a

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