The Causes Of Infidelity In Modern Marriage

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Cambridge IGCSE Global perspectives 0457 Component 1: Individual Research Paper Topic: Family Centre: ASPAEN Gimnasio Los Pinares CO058 Candidate: Quintero Arismendi Valeria Research Question: What are the causes of infidelity in modern marriage? SPECIFIC ISSUE: Infidelity in modern marriage Nowadays, infidelity is the most important reason of divorces. Relationship infidelity has be- come pervasive in modern society, as evidenced to some extent by the large number of infidelity websites and “friend finder," it is caused by reasons such as one of the members of the partner is feeling lonely, feels underappreciated, neglected, or ignored and after fights in the marriage, when there is absence of one of the partner. Sometimes the infidelity…show more content…
Half of the Colombian population that had cheated on they marriage have excuse themselves saying that the reason they cheating is because of the “lack of attention of their partner” and the other half say that they have curiosity or that they need to search new emotions. Most of the Co- lombian affairs do not last short, usually they last months even years. 75% of the Colombian kids loos contact with the parent that is cheating because they feel betrayed, 80% said it af- fected their attitude toward love and relationships, and 70% said they believe it impact their ability to trust others. Kati Krause – Medium.…show more content…
It's been proven that 60% of the men cheat and many more consider it, and same with women, 20% of women consider cheating. My opinion on all of this is society has become so empty and they don't even believe in love or even try to love each other over everything, without thinking of all of their flaws. Society has made people this way, we are not developing we are downgrading. From this research I have learned About the different causes of why a person cheats on her or his partner and ruin a relationship just because of the selfishness and immaturity, also the legal situation regarding this topic, all the global politics and the different opinions that people around the world think. There are a lot of nonsense causes for committing cheating. Being with a person that you don't respect or love is just a waste of time, with this research this, my opinion has become stronger, there are many solutions to avoid committing infidelity like ending the relationship, going to a therapist, or in general searching for

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