The Causes Of Informal Public Transport

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If formal public transport is inadequate, then rich people will use private automobiles in the form of cars, motorcycles etc., relatively poor people will shit to bicycle, then to two wheelers (motorcycles in Vietnam and Indonesia), then to Taxis (like in China and Indonesia). The failure of the public transport lead to the generation of the informal public transport like the paratransit which helps in contributing to the accessibility but it has some adverse effects also.
The Informal public transport has a wide importance for the people in the Urban as well as in rural areas along the world. The services of Informal public transport consist of various modes like minibuses, vans, taxis, station wagons, three-wheelers and motorcycles etc. On the positive side, it has lot of benefits mainly to the poor, such the access to nearby places as per the user demand, job opportunities for the low-skilled people of the city and also for the migrants, service coverage to those areas which have no access of the formal public transport. On the other hand, it has negative effects like contributing to the traffic congestion, pollution (air and noise pollution) and increase in number of accidents. (Cervero & Golub, 2007)2.3.6. Traditional Public Transport and Intermediate public transport Systems (Indian Context):
In Indian cities, most of the Urban travel happens through the different modes like walking, cycling and the public transport including the intermediate public transport either

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