Internet Addiction Causes

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It goes without saying that, “Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, which does not involve use of an intoxicating drug and is very similar to pathological gambling” (“Internet,” n.d., para.1). A case in point is spend time on the computer up to 15 hours a day counted as an internet addiction, called over-gaming (Mork, 2012). Another example is spent a lot of time looking at social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter (Mork, 2012). To begin with, sign of internet addiction can be derived is their studies will be affected (Mork, 2012). For example, they cannot concentrate in class while teacher is teaching and it may affect their results. Another sign of internet addiction is they may ignore relationship…show more content…
This is because people can run away from feeling down on the internet (“Internet & Computer,” n.d.). They can release their emotion through internet because no one can see their expression. Another factor is social anxiety because some people are apprehensive when they meet other people (“Internet Addiction,” n.d.). So, it is quite easier for them to connect with people on the internet instead of in their real life. Thus, it is obvious that this is the way they can only communicate with people on the internet without concern anything. As a result, there are some effects of internet addiction. For example, entire physical circumstance and obesity can encircle cause by internet addiction (Grabianowski, n.d.). Another effect is people will postpone their work with lower rates of efficiency and they cannot concentrate on work in hand that become lightly get distracted (“What are the,” n.d.). Also, their health will have problem because of the radiation. They might get cancer if they spend amount of time on the…show more content…
There are some ways to minimize this social problem, they include set time limits on the internet, hang out with friends and get a hobby (“How to avoid,” n.d.). For example, ensure that you stay away from the computer when the alarm you set while the time is end (“How to avoid,” n.d.). Teenagers can also hang out with friends for watching movie, cycling and et cetera. They have to get a hobby that does not connect with the internet, so that they can stay away from the computer and also do what they like to do. Hence, we can see how to stop this social problem by using these 3

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