The Causes Of Internet Addiction In The United States

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2.4 Internet in The United States

According, internet penetration in The United States in 2017 is around 88.5% where 286 millions of people are connected to the Internet daily. As for the internet adoption, it is equal amongst both genders. Mobile phone is the most popular medium for the people to connect to the Internet. Other than that, social networking is the most common activity among Internet users. However, the constant of Internet connectivity has made several issues occur. They are Internet addiction, cyberbullying, Internet censorship and identity theft.

2.4.1 Internet Addiction in The United States

Internet addiction in The United States is considered to be at an alarming rate. It affects millions of children, teenagers and young adults in The United States. Some common internet addiction in The United States can be divided in several categories; online gaming, social networking and cyber-sexual. For online gaming, Dr. Nancy Petry from the National Institutes of Health has done a study which focuses on youngsters, aged 13 to 18. She did a diagnosis on the youngsters and found that the addicted youngsters show symptoms of preoccupation with internet gaming, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities and deceiving others about the amount of time spent on gaming.
Parents are encouraged to keep their children from being addicted to technology as the recovery program for internet addiction is not included in health insurance. Some
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