The Causes Of Junk Food

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Imagine the death that occured on the massacre on september 11, 2001, and multiply that number by 100, that is how many deaths occur every year from obesity. The main cause of these horrific deaths is junk food. Junk food is extremely bad for your health and causes many issues for you and society.
Junk food leads to a strikingly unhealthy lifestyle for anyone who chooses to consume more than a healthy amount. In the article 10 reasons “Junk food is bad for your health”, Stephen Reddick states that “how eating junk food while in the teenage years could lead to teenage depression.” This is caused by the level of unhealthy ingredients and the lack of nutrition.” This is important to people who have unhealthy habits of eating junk food. The article’s importance can help decrease obesity and change teenagers diets to a healthy diet. Junk food also increases a risk for strokes at an alarming rate.“A study by researchers at the University of Miami published in a 2012 edition of "Stroke; A Journal of Cerebral Circulation" found that the risk of stroke increases by 17 percent for every 500 milligrams of sodium consumed over the recommendation. For example, consuming 2,500 milligrams of sodium increases your risk of stroke by 34 percent.” (Healthy Eating, SF Gate, Pg 1). Thats shows that only a little bit of junk food with sodium in it can almost increase your risk of a stroke by 40.
Everywhere you go and everywhere you look there is some sort of junk food waiting to be devoured.

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