Increase In Juvenile Crime

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Juvenile crime, let alone, the crime itself is a huge issue humans face on a daily basis. By definition, crime is an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government.
Criminal behavior is also referred to as deviant behavior, which is a departure from the social norm. Criminal statistics show an increase in crimes committed by youth over the years. By creating instructional theories, studies show the many reasons behind certain crimes. One can see many expressive and instrumental crimes. Studies show that younger people commit more crimes than adults. Juvenile crime occurs all over the world, however, this research only focuses on the crimes within Jersey City such as gun violence, deaths, and juvenile delinquency. During
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Also, a second teen was injured in a shooting, as well. One block over, a sixteen-year-old was shot in Broad daylight in January. Nonfatal shootings rose from sixty-nine in 2015 to eighty in 2016. Those numbers do not include reports of shots fired or shootings without injury. In 2014, there were fifty-nine nonfatal shootings. “Almost all shooting victims”, Public Safety Director Jim Shea said, were "born and raised in Jersey City.” According to the journalists Mota Caitlin, "Our normal shooting victim is a young adult or usually young man with earlier connections to gun violence and crime overall and he 's normally fired upon within a block or two of the house he was born in by somebody he knows...and that 's the hardest problem to work…show more content…
Though, a crime that is committed by a juvenile is treated fairly like a typical crime. Traditionally, an investigation is performed to decide the amount of proof obtained to determine if it could prove the juvenile actually committed the crime after the crime is reported. According to Janelle P., if this happens to be enough evidence, the reports are then sent to the County Attorney 's Office where a citation may be issued. Next, the County Attorney 's staff will look at the information, and determine whether charges may be filed or not. Without valid evidence, the case may be rejected or returned to the officer for further investigation. Moreover, the juvenile justice system claims that their aim and goal is to give them more of an opportunity to keep them out of jail. Though, it fails to do so as juveniles are often sent to adult prison rather, than given their opportunity for

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