The Causes Of Lack Of Confidence In English

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5. Lack of Confidence Learn English Language need a permanent practice and patient. However the common problem of learners that although at school, about seven and six years has leant English, but they cannot speak an English sentence correctly, and they are not confident when they are communicating in English.
Because of the problem, one of an online newspaper published by Vietnam News (2011), Pham Thanh Huong, an lecturer of English University said most of the students learn grammar and it apply in examination. This is a very old and passive method of teaching, and students cannot apply the using when they communicate. In that problem shows that the process of teaching and learning English mostly focus on grammar, and do not spend enough time focusing on the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

5.1. Causes of Lack of Confidence

The main cause is the lack of confidence of learners in their ability to speak English. In this case, the learners prefer keep silent while other learner showing they are talking to learner who lack of confidence. Learners do not believe with themselves if it is possible to achieve fluency or vocabulary master. This lack of confidence avoids them from practicing speaking skill. Brown (2007) added the other cause of to learners’ lack of confidence also the teacher do not give good motivation to learners. Many teachers do not care the important of learners’ speaking ability. As Brown adds, learners did not get some
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