The Causes Of Late-Term Abortion

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The safety and well-being of the fetus and mother is at stake and too much time is wasted in the waiting room while the family tries to make a decision on whether or not they should let the doctors abort the fetus before it kills the mother. While some people jump to conclusions and slander late-term abortion, they fail to understand the reasoning and the mindset behind the women or family who choose to go down that path. Late term abortion is any method of abortion during the third trimester of the pregnancy, which is between 20 and 27 weeks just depending on where the information comes from. This is killing the fetus in viability, which is what causes so much controversy over whether it is ethical or not. Viability is a stage in the pregnancy,…show more content…
They may also argue that late-term abortion causes more stress and emotions on the mother. Or that it can cause depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia or disturbing dreams. Little do they know that it is not scientifically proven that those things are caused by late-term abortion. The effects of late-term abortion are depression and anxiety, but the rest of the “effects” can be caused by factors from the mother’s past traumatic experiences ( That being said, the effects of late-term abortion are blown far out of proportion in just another effort of scaring young women away from making their own decisions about their own uterus’. Another thing that scares the women from having late-term abortions done is the fear that the baby will survive the abortion attempt after undergoing the entirety of the process. Some women (and men) believe that after a fetus undergoes an abortion procedure, but still happens to make it out alive that they are murdered. Not true. By law, if an aborted fetus is born alive, the doctors and nurses are supposed to do everything in their power to keep that baby alive and to give that baby a chance at a healthy life. They are not allowed to just murder the baby once out of the womb if the abortion did not go as

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