The Causes Of The London Riots

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London riots came to the crisis to London communities, and they persist to be a crucial issue to the London governments. The riots occurred between August 6-10, 2011 in London and major English cities. Thousands of people participated in the destruction and looting, costing the property depredation around $ 50 million, and the police inability to scale up their responses to the riots. Motivated by deadly shooting a young man of mixed race from Tottenham, during a Trident operation planned by police, Mark Duggan. What began as a peaceful protest into an aggressive disorder. Duggan's relatives and his colleagues initiated a protest from Broadwater Farm to affronting at Tottenham police station. Duggan's murdering appeared in public offense and circulates plenty of media publicizing (Bell, Jaitman and Machin 2014). Moreover, this has put the relations between Tottenham's blacks community and police got worse.…show more content…
This essay aimed to discuss causes of London riots 2011, as well as the effects and possible solutions. There were varied causes that triggered the London riots. The anger against brutal treatment by the police have centered as the considerable causes of this issue, specifically in black and adolescence destitute neighborhood. The study showed that rioters tend to originate from neighborhoods where ethnic fractionalization was high, and from territories with a less charitable association. Political grievances additionally developed as imperative. Also, rioters will probably origins from boroughs where the
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